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April 13-16, 2015 · Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

Allan Lockheed Jr.

Allan Lockheed Jr.
Allan Lockheed & Associates

Allan Lockheed, Jr., is the CEO of Allan Lockheed & Associates. His wide-ranging career includes corporate management and private consulting in tech¬nical and management fields for Kennecott Copper, Union Pacific, Exxon Co USA, Martin Mari¬etta, and others. Lockheed developed and applied systems and management development skills to justif¬ication, development, implementation and management of hardware and software systems. Lockheed formed Allan Lockheed & Associates in Denver, Colorado, where he worked on engine¬ering solutions for high performance engine development. Most recently, Lockheed assisted HDR Inc. with the market study, business plan and FAA licensing to create Spaceport Colorado at Front Range Airport. He graduated from the University of Arizona with distinction in Engin¬eering and Computer Science / Systems Engineering. 

Based on lessons from the 1930’s Golden Age, Allan will discuss the next Golden Age of Commercial Flight – beyond the atmosphere. Today’s development of commercial space industries is simply the continued growth of mankind’s need to connect and conduct com¬merce at ever increasing distances and speeds. Lessons include insight to the business nature of global port-to-port operations and the future of our exciting industry.

Participating Events

Tuesday, April 14, 2015
9:05 a.m. to
9:30 a.m.:
Featured Speaker: Allan Lockheed Jr.
Tech Track
Separate Reg. or Purchase
Location: Broadmoor West: Rocky Mountain Ballroom (Room CD)

Allan Lockheed Jr.

Allan Lockheed & Associates


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