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April 13-16, 2015 · Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

Dr. John Paffett

Dr. John Paffett
Chief Executive Officer
Surrey Satellite Technology US LLC

Dr. John Paffett is chief executive officer of Surrey Satellite Technology US (SST-US), the U.S. subsidiary of world-leading small satellite manufacturer Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) in the United Kingdom. As a long-time executive of SSTL, Dr. Paffett was named CEO of SST-US at its inception in 2008 to cultivate the rapidly growing U.S. market for cost-effective small satellite systems, applications, and services.  In a dual role, Dr. Paffett continues to serve as director of telecommunications and navigation for SSTL with responsibility for those programs and the group’s strategic development activities. He is also the chief executive officer of Surrey Satellite Services Limited, the SSTL subsidiary responsible for provision of launch and launch service activities. Dr. Paffett has proven engineering, management, and business development skills, with a track record of working with international space industry partners in securing new business opportunities and delivering projects. He is accustomed to interfacing with senior officials in the international space community and skilled at developing innovative approaches to meet challenging space business goals. Dr. Paffett holds a bachelor of science with honors in electronic engineering and a PhD in electronic engineering from the University of Surrey. He is an author and co-author of over 35 scientific and engineering publications.

Participating Events

Wednesday, April 15, 2015
9:00 a.m. to
10:30 a.m.:
Panel: Implications of a Revolution: Smallsats, Cubesats and Constellations
New Generation Space Leaders
Separate Reg. or Purchase
Location: West Ballroom

Considering the rapid growth in the number of smallsats/cubesats launched over the past several years, and the fact that more than 140 satellites with masses less than 10kg were launched in 2014, it is clear that this segment of the space industry is attracting a great deal of interest. This panel will address the past successes and shortfalls of design, development, and implementation, as well as looming opportunities, technical challenges, and future implications of launching smallsats.


Micah Walter-Range

Director - Research and Analysis
Space Foundation

Jenny Barna

Launch Manager

Clayton Mowry

Arianespace, Inc.

Dr. John Paffett

Chief Executive Officer
Surrey Satellite Technology US LLC

Shey Sabripour

Chief Technical Officer
Firefly Space Systems, Inc.

LTC Dennis Wille

Space Operations Military Planner


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